Invest in Private ICO Pre-Sales

Current ICO Market Conditions

There are a couple of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) launching on a daily basis. The ICO hype is not over, however it is hard for ICO startups to get into the media spotlight with all that noise. This high number of projects has also led to a need for supersized marketing budgets – circa $300.000.

Those conditions have caused an ICO market, in which ICOs need to have a seed or private pre-sale investment before they can even start the ICO campaign.

What are Private ICO Pre-Sales?

Private ICO pre-sales are investment opportunities that are offered prior the launch of the token sale and smart contract.
Those events are beneficial for both the ICO and the investors. ICOs get the capital needed to scale their marketing campaign. VCs, angels and other investors acquire special conditions and options.

This is the very reason why successful ICOs tend to have instantly sold out pre-sales!

Organizing Private ICO Pre-Sales

Since we, CoinMarketLaunch, work closely with those so called ico-startups, we have started arranging private seed investment rounds for our clients, partners, friends and professional network.  


Why join our Private ICO Investment Group?


Brilliant Conditions

Receive more than just a pre-sale bonus. Get % of the tokens or even the company.


Better Pre-Screening

Don’t waste your time scrolling ICO listing websites. Get the best deals delivered directly to you.


Bold Presentation

Get 1-Pager, Pitch Deck, Business Plan and even a Live Pitch.

Broad Due Diligence

We have done our due diligence and know our client. We have checked the IDs, passports, incorporation files patents and funding.

Be part of something big

Get on board on the next success story and enhance your portfolio.

Become an advisor

Time is money. Advise, open your network and get a stake of the ICO.


Who can join this Private ICO Pre-Sale Group?

The group is open to individuals with and without possession of cryptocurrencies. There will be no minimum amount of wealth required, however, bigger investors get tailormade deals.

The present does not constitute and should not be interpreted as financial or investment advice. For further information please contact the CoinMarketLaunch team.